Media Relations For Fire
Service & Supervisors

March 20, 2023 @ 1:00-3:00 p.m. (EST)

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$97.00 Per Person

Intensive Law Enforcement Training – High caliber
instruction, videos, trends, live Q&A & more.


  • Secrets & tricks reporters don’t want you to know
  • How to manage reporters on-scene
  • 5 surefire ways to say no comment without saying it
  • Why perception is everything in the field
  • How to make sure YOU don’t become the news
  • Emergency responses to tough media questions
  • Gunslinger Journalist TM – Are you their next target?
  • Videos: Good, bad & ugly of police media interviews
  • The art of talking without saying anything
  • What your body language is really saying
  • An eye-opening look inside a television news room
  • How to be more effective listener
  • Verbal and non-verbal message development
  • The “real world” of aggressive reporting and media ethics
  • How to be an ambassador for your department

$97 per person

 Info: E-mail or call 602-445-6442